The Doctors Meets Jodi Meyer

The Doctors on CBS recently aired a segment focused on Jodi and her story living with essential tremor for more than a decade.

Meet Jodi Meyer, a young mother living with essential tremor. She struggled with every day activities that we all take for granted – pouring a glass of milk for her kids and tying their shoes.

During the panel discussion, Jodi shared how she learned that incisionless focused ultrasound received FDA-approval for the treatment of essential tremor that has not responded to medication. She saw this as an opportunity to possibly find the tremor relief she’d been searching for and decided to have the treatment.

After the focused ultrasound treatment, she shared that she feels she is able to be a stronger mother – a stronger person.

Jodi believed that being on the show could help spread awareness for essential tremor and give people hope as many people living with this condition may not be familiar with the treatment options available.

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