Die Patienten Geschichten

北海道 北斗病院 本態性振戦FUS治療 || Hokkaido Hokuto Hospital discusses Focused Ultrasound Treatment for medication-refractory essential tremor

北海道帯広市にある社会医療法人北斗 北斗病院での、本態性振戦のFUS治療を紹介した映像です。 メスを使わないFUS治療により、治療中から手のふるえが大幅に軽減する効果が見られます。
Hokkaido Hokuto Hospital introduces Focused Ultrasound Treatment for medication-refractory essential tremor to patients in Japan.

Gregg Ley´s Geschichte || Greg Ley’s story

Gregg Ley von Beruf Elektroniker, litt seit über 20 Jahren unter Essentiellem Tremor. Nun zittert er nicht mehr. Erfahren Sie mehr darüber wie es dazu kam, daß Gregg Ley nun wieder arbeiten kann und sich Lebensqualität zurückerobert hat.
Gregg Ley, an electronics engineer by profession, has suffered from essential tremor for over 20 years. Now he no longer trembles. Learn more about how it happened that Gregg Ley is back to work again and regained his quality of life.

Doug Couch

"I wanted this treatment so bad and I am so glad I had it done."
Doug Couch’s essential tremor affected his childhood, adult life and professional career. After attending a webinar, Doug learned about the Neuravive focused ultrasound treatment and he explains how the treatment was life changing. Patient testimonials may not be representative of all patient outcomes.

Heather Fraser

"It is so much better. Best day ever. Worth it!"
Professional Canadian skater, Heather Fraser, tells the story about her undergoing the Neuravive treatment for essential tremor.

Andrew Goss

"The treatment is a game changer."
Andrew suffered from essential tremor for over 10 years. Post treatment he could shave and hold a glass with one hand - a real game changer for him. Today, Andrew raises a toast with one hand in light of the Neuravive treatment.

Harriet Marksfield

"I'm steady now. It's remarkable and amazing."
Essential tremor left Harriet dependent - even getting her key in the keyhole was a chore. After treatment, her left hand (the one that used to help her) was more shaky than her right. She feels its amazing.

Peter Muller

"It was hard to find a moment in my daily life that wasn't affected by essential tremor. During the treatment itself, I could see my tremor gradually improving. It is like going back in time to the way I was decades ago."
A touching animated testimonial about an essential tremor patient that speaks about the improvement in his tremor following the Neuravive MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment.

Peter Muller Post Treatment

"It is two months after my focused ultrasound treatment. I can do the normal day to day activities that I couldn't do before. This was the hand with the tremor and it doesn't shake anymore."
Peter talks about his tremor-free life, performing daily tasks without shaking two months after the Neuravive focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor.


"My right hand started to shake and I couldn't do daily activities myself like drink or eat, not to mention baking or serving coffee." Haya
Testimonial: Focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor

Haya 6 Months Post Treatment

"This is my tremor-free life! Six months after the focused ultrasound treatment.  I am happy to be working back at my bakery.”
Haya talks about her tremor-free life serving customers in her bakery six months after the Neuravive focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor.
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