March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month!

Even though ET is 8 times more common than Parkinson’s disease, many people have never heard of essential tremor and don’t know what it is.  INSIGHTEC joins the network of organizations that focus on educating the public about ET with the #DoYouKnowET Facebook campaign.

We invite you to join in spreading the word!

  1. Make a sign with the hashtag #DoYouKnowETtake a picture of yourself with the sign and share on Facebook.

Check out our #DoYouKnowET webpage and share the link with your Facebook friends:

Alexandra Lebenthal, one of the most recognizable women on Wall Street, was empowered to get her life back by having the Neuravive treatment more than one year ago.  In light of ET awareness month, Alexandra invited INSIGHTEC into her home for an up close and personal interview. We will be sharing this series of videocasts on INSIGHTEC’S Facebook page every Tuesday and Friday during the month of March.

Over 200 patients attended a patient event hosted by The International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) and the University of Pennsylvania Neuravive Treatment Center in Philadelphia on March 10th.  The event was a huge success as it was the IETF’s biggest patient event to date.  INSIGHTEC was proud to be a co-sponsor!  The lectures included:

  • Past, Present & Future of the IETF, Speaker: Patrick McCartney, IETF Executive Director
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Options for Essential Tremor, Speaker: Andres F. Deik, MD Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, University of Pennsylvania
  • Coping with the Physical and Emotional Effects of ET, Speaker: Julia Wood, MOT, OTR/L Occupational Therapist, Penn Medicine

Additionally, the following material is now available online:

Let’s work together to increase awareness for ET during the month of March and throughout the year!