One of our primary goals at Insightec is helping raise awareness of Essential Tremor (ET) by sharing the stories of people living with ET and their path to focused ultrasound treatment. Storytelling gives people the opportunity to share their experiences which, in turn, may help others. Nothing is more comforting than hearing someone’s first-hand experience, especially when it is about medical care.

My Signature after Focused Ultrasound

Listen to Mitchell Fry share his struggle living with Essential Tremor and see his signature before and after Focused Ultrasound treatment.

Linda’s Happiness after Focused Ultrasound Treatment

Listen to Linda share her story of life with Essential Tremor and her heartfelt response after Focused Ultrasound treatment.

Important Safety Information

You should have a detailed conversation with your physician regarding the risks and benefits of treatment options prior to treatment. The most common complications reported by subjects in Insightec-sponsored clinical studies after treatment included: imbalance/gait disturbance, numbness/tingling, and headache/head pain. Additional infrequent events include dizziness, taste disturbance, slurred speech, fatigue and vomiting. Persistent complications at three-years included: imbalance, unsteadiness, gait disturbance, musculoskeletal weakness and numbness/tingling. For complete safety information, please click here.

Three Brothers with Essential Tremor

Antonello, Marcello and Franco, brothers who live in Italy, have Essential Tremor who decided to have focused ultrasound. Listen to their story.

Cathy Ley and her family get their lives back

After Cathy Ley’s husband Gregg was diagnosed with Essential Tremor, they noticed his tremors worsening and preventing him from working. Through a friend, Gregg and Cathy learned about Focused Ultrasound treatment. Watch their story.