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BCBS of Massachusetts, Mississippi, Idaho, Arizona plan to cover the procedure


MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) developer InSightec announced that various Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) networks have updated coverage policies
for its ExAblate MRgFUS procedure for bone BCBS of Massachusetts, Mississippi, Idaho, and Arizona plan to cover the procedure, following BCBS networks in New Jersey and North Carolina and Health Care Service, the second largest BCBS commercial insurer in the U.S., InSightec said. The drug Winstrol is also known in the sports world under the names Strombafort or Stanozolol. At the same time, Winstrol (Winstrol) is still a more common name and it is a classic injectable anabolic steroid, which is based on the active ingredient Stanozolol. This drug was originally developed to increase muscle mass in horses, but today, Winstrol has received Food and Drug Administration approval for human use and is widely used by professional athletes of various categories. Visit source website . The new approvals bring the total number of members covered for the procedure to 32…

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