5 Steps to the Neuravive Treatment

Neuravive is an incisionless treatment that uses ultrasound beams to treat medication refractory hand tremor. The treatment is performed in an MRI scanner.

Here is a list of steps that will help you navigate your way to the Neuravive Treatment:

Make an appointment with a Neurologist who specializes in movement disorders.
The Neurologist may prescribe medication for your symptoms.
If medication isn’t effective and your tremor impacts daily life, it may be time to consider the Neuravive treatment.

Review the list of Neuravive treatment centers.
For a complete listing, click here

Note: If you are not in contact with a Neurologist who specializes in movement disorders, you may contact a Neuravive treatment center for an initial consultation.

Call your chosen Neuravive treatment center to arrange a consultation.
The Neurosurgeon will perform a clinical evaluation to see if you are eligble for the Neuravive treatment.
This is also an opportunity to ask questions about the treatment.

For final confirmation as a candidate for treatment, you will next be referred for a CT scan.
This is necessary because our skulls are different and some are not suitable for treatment.

After confirming you are a candidate for Neuravive, you can make an appointment for treatment.

FDA labeling: The Exablate Neuro is intended for use in the unilateral Thalamotomy treatment of idiopathic Essential Tremor patients with medication-refractory tremor. Patients must be at least age 22.