11 Questions to Ask your General Practitioner About Your Tremor

Talking with your doctor builds trust and leads to better results, quality, safety, and satisfaction.  Your health is a team effort and you play an important role in this dynamic. One of the best ways to communicate with your doctor is by asking questions. It is important to prepare a list questions before an appointment, (1) because time is usually limited during medical appointments and (2) many people may feel intimidated by questioning their doctor’s authority, so a prepared list will help build confidence.  The questions below provide a starting point.  Other questions concerning your condition may come to mind while reading this list:

  1. What’s the most likely cause of my symptoms?
  2. Are there other possible causes?
  3. What tests do I need?
  4. How does essential tremor usually progress?
  5. What treatments are available and which do you recommend?
  6. I have other health conditions. How can I best manage these conditions together?
  7. Should I see a Neurologist? If so, whom do you recommend?
  8. Are there brochures or other printed materials I can have? What websites do you recommend?
  9. Can essential tremor be mis-diagnosed?
  10. How do Essential Tremor patients respond to medications?  To other available treatments?
  11. How do I determine which procedure is best for me?

We would love to hear from you. Contact Us if you have additional questions to add to this list.